AndreLaCour Photography Oklahoma City Wedding 1982

This is one from the vaults! I remembered that this  is one of the weddings that I had never blogged when a client recently mentioned that he had been in Oklahoma City.

When I got the call from friend and renowned Chicago photographer Paul Audia, that his daughter was getting married, I was excited and nervous. I have photographed many weddings for other photographers and industry people and it’s always an extra challenge. When I found out it was in Oklahoma City,  and all in one location, I was a little panicked, Once I looked up the website for the Skirvin Hilton however, I was relieved as I could see it was a beautiful property with plenty of photo ops. Jonathan and Cara’s wedding was an intimate family and friends affair with plenty of laughter, dancing and good cheer. the cocktail hour was even in a lounge,so guests could sit, chat and enjoy their drinks.  Their adorable pooch threatened to steal the show, but Cara was firmly in the spotlight in her stunning designer gown.
Towards the end of the night, I handed off my camera so I could get in on the photos too. What made the trip even more memorable, was my visit the following day to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. The outdoor memorial area is stunningly beautiful and unsettling at the same time. The museum across the street had me fighting back tears- it’s brilliantly done and an emotional gut-punch. I was glad I had not gone to it prior to the wedding, but it is a must see if you find yourself in the area.
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