Andre LaCour Weddging Photography  2143

Kim and Drew had a storybook wedding day. Like all good books, it had some drama, lot’s of action, romance and laughter. It was one of those magical days where all the family and friends love and support for the new couple is palpable. Did I say couple? Actually, they will soon be starting a family and they announced that it will be a bouncing baby boy, to the delight of the crowd. Drew’s grandfather, and patriarch of the family, announced that he hoped to live long enough to teach his great grandson how to fish and hunt, as he had done for his grandchildren. At a very spry 80 years young, I’ll bet he will. The drama was when I first arrived and the marriage license couldn’t be found and stress levels were rising. I convinced them to call the priest who reassured them that the wedding would go on without it (it was found the next day).

A former college football star and avid bow-hunter, Drew might be intimidating if it weren’t for his warm gregarious nature. Kim is as sweet as she is beautiful and certain to be a proud mother, given her family’s love and example. The couple tied the knot at Long Grove Church and celebrated at the The Long Grove Country Club, where the decor was pure romance with candles and crystals. When the guests tired of dancing, they were able to step away to the lounge to enjoy a hand rolled cigar. Best wishes for the happy couple and the new family.

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Ceremony Venue: Long Grove Church
Wedding Venue: The Long Grove Country Club
Guest Hotel: Westin North Shore
Photographer: Andre LaCour Photography